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Furniture Service, you run across the street back and forward back and forward until you have successfully used your telepathy to steal random household appliances. In the midst of all this, the main character hallucinates a skeleton that can lift a skeleTON. The filter used over the UI is potentially the most distracting filter I have seen in any game, congratulations on that front. But as far as indie horror game trigger tests go, this could certainly be worse. Good Job.

On a more serious note, many hitboxes and invisible walls need to be addressed as I somehow came into contact with every single one. Which makes it rather hard to stay immersed when half the house you are currently moving (looting) is inaccessible due to some invisible force.

The ambiance was also lacking, outside of the non-stop buzzing from the scan lines in the video.

More cynical posturing in the video below.

i love this game it made me very hard and the demons in my head liked it

I feel like this game was pretty good. I didn't really have much trouble moving the objects, like a lot of other people lol


ok, this melted my pc a bit, but nice suff I guess

(YOur game begins at 36:30)

I am sorry to say that this one just ended up making me laugh. It's not even that it's a bad premise - emptying out whole streets of furniture after a disaster is a great idea for a setting for a horror game. But with very little happening and the payoff being completely random, it frankly just got ridiculous to me. You clearly have the means and ideas for something that makes a little more sense and is more intense, however, and I would love to see something more polished from you in the future.

Liked the screen visual. Staircase broke me for it is god and I cannot it. My telepathetic powers were pathetic. <3

Not gunna lie, this game got me a fair few times.  The music box was a nice touch as they are always creepy.

I thought this game was fairly good, but the only thing that I found to be an issue was picking up certain objects. But I liked the game overall and think it was spooky.

This game had a good premise, only issue I had was that picking up items was so darn difficult that it became more the horror of the game. I like the ending though.

es un juego con una historia corta pero interesante

esta entretenido xd

soy nuevo en la plataforma :D

si quieres apoyarme con un like y compartiendo es suficiente

Not a bad game.. Could have used a little more ambience, but all in all a good little experience.. 

Honestly this game just didn't land for me but I respect the hustle so well done dev.

This game has you performing nonsensical monotonous tasks whilst easily missable scary stuff happens.  The premise doesn't make a great deal of sense and the ending falls flat, although it was quite a surprise to see Sir Daniel Fortesque.  Times must be tough for the former Hero of Gallowmere.

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (subs and likes are highly appreciated)):


1. I was on edge the whole time playing that. The ambiance and a few jumpscares here and there were very potent.

2. The monster at the end was very creepy. And funny as well for some reason. Maybe it would be better to make another appearance of this monster as it's pretty cool. But it's hard to get scared when it's shaking his head aroung like that, you know.


1. The ending was a bit anticlimactic. I don't know what I expected but I definitely expected something different.

2. Maybe a bit more background music would be nice. I mean as unsettling as the experience was, upon editing the vid, I realised that it was a bit boring walking around in the darkness.

3. It's a bit weird how there is only one object of furniture to be moved frome the houses. Looks a lot more like robbery but still kinda weird.


I enjoyed the game. I think if it would make a bit more sense and the appearance of the monster at the end would be a bit different then it would be a 5/5 star experience. Right now, I'm going to rate it 4/5 stars as I see room for improvement. Still, the game was pretty good and I had fun playing it, keep up the great work!

Hope my feedback was useful!

It wasn't horrible I have a bad computer which made it worse than it should have been, but there were some aspects that could be fixed. The carry system works kind of not enough to get made over just a little frustrated, had the game been bigger it would have been a big issue but not for its current size. 

Don't know if the clunky aspect was intentional but it made the game more suspenseful XD Overall pretty creepy

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This wasn't a bad experience in totality, but there were some pertinent issues that made for some good content, but not from a gameplay perspective.

i cant download it and cant play

Thank you for the game! I was on my toes all the time after the first jumpscare :D Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😁

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Thanks for making this game! I had quite some issues while playing it though as you can see in my video, which can be improved for sure. In some parts the jumpscare was late compared to the sound and in other parts the jumpscare didn´t load properly. It would be good to add a scratch mark to the paper when you moved the furniture correctly inside the van so you don´t miss a thing left to be moved, also not advance to the next couple of house until you have everything that you need scratched of that list, that was one of my issues.

An interesting and fun game.

Thank you :)

I enjoyed this! A little wonky when it comes to moving items, but that doesn't detract at all from the feel of the game. I stupidly tried to walk up some stairs at one point, please ignore that LOL. All in all, a good horror experience with an interesting back story!


thank you for your feedback, and the gameplay

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Channel Link

I really liked the concept of this game as well as it's set up. It's a little rough around the edges but keep up the good work.

GGs   :)

thank you for your feedback, and the gameplay :)


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very good game. laggy from time to time, but still good. i like how i am always waiting for monster. keep up good work. btw if you are interested, here is video

Lol... did you really use the MediEvil character for a horror... :D :D :D BRUH


Catching bugs


You got the horror vibe! And it was good how he doesn't do the typical chase and kill. With more content and polish this could take off good job


I just loved this game!

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Thank you so much.

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First game I played. Weird physics but still pretty good 


The pick up mechanics a bit silly, but the game is scary. Nice job.

Thank you :)

Very interesting experience.

The game is so broken you cannot pick up a thing

Don't move furniture doing the night. Doesn't matter how much they pay you to! Well, at least we did our job and and made someone or something happy...

This game was pretty cool it got me once because I was not expecting it and I had a lot of fun mainly from pushing the boxes around when I was not able to grab them

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it wasn't scary but I liked the concept, good work :)

cool creepy

Not much to say really but I didn't find it scary at all half the time it was just me trying to get things through the door to put in the back of the van.

Not a bad little game. I wasn't able to pick up some items though so I had to kick them to the van. And that enemy was almost too silly for the ending, haha. I dig this game's style though.

Nice Game i will start playing it right now!

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